Chicken Farming 101

baby chick

If you are thinking of starting your journey in chicken farming, that’s a great idea! Especially since the economy is not looking good right now, with unemployment soaring through the roof and stagnating wages. By setting up a farm, you will be ensured of your meat, eggs and may even make some profit selling of any extra eggs or chicks that you have! Another bonus you get out of chicken farming is that all the meat and eggs you get from your farm will be organic or at least raised according to your own standards! That means no antibiotics-laden meat for you and your family!

Most of my family and friends who get the luxury of tasting our eggs also swear that they taste way better than store bought ones. Now that we have tasted fresh eggs from our farm, it is unlikely that we will ever want commercial eggs sold in stores!

There’s one thing about chicken farming that I found totally awesome. You only need hens for eggs! You do not need any roosters (unless you want your eggs fertilised) and this is a good thing as their crowing will wake up the neighbourhood.

I’ll post more about chicken farming in my next post, stay tuned!